Recap of MakeX Robotics Competition in September

October 5, 2020





It’s that time of the year again for singing a Green Day song ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’. However, this year, we prefer ‘wake me up when corona ends’, don’t we? Even so, MakeX is always here to wake everybody up! Now let’s get up and see how MakeX super fans gave out their best energies in September.


01 2020 MakeX Robotics Competition Kunming Points Race

This year, the first MakeX Points Race in Yunnan Province took place on September 19th, in No.3 Middle School in Kunming City. MakeX Starter and MakeX Challenge attracted more than 100 participants. With a cheerful and lively atmosphere, all players showcased their outstanding talents. They enjoyed the sweet smell of winning, but meanwhile, they also experienced the bitter taste during the preparation. Especially for MakeX Challenge teams, they managed to complete the whole process of team building, robot construction, debugging, and training in just one month. According to their mentors, except taking classes, eating, and sleeping, they spent all spare hours in preparing for the competition. If there’s only one thing able to make students completely immersed and enchanted, then it must be MakeX!

▲ Opening ceremony of Kunming Points Race

▲ Players debugging their robots and program in waiting area


02 2020 MakeX Robotics Competition Nanjing Points Race

On September 20th, the Nanjing Points Race was held at a big shopping mall in Yuhuatai District, Nanjing. There were 44 teams from various schools participating in Maker Starter and MakeX Challenge. In order to allow more audience to watch the wonderful performance of MakeX Challenge, this time, MakeX moved to the arena to an open space outside the mall, giving them a 360-degree viewing perspective. Even though the outdoor sunlight made players feel a bit hot, their performance was not affected at all. Instead, they completely immersed in the game and tried their best to outperform their opponents.

▲ MakeX Challenge competition in Nanjing Points Race

▲ MakeX Starter competition in Nanjing Points Race


03 2020 MakeX Spark Competition in Tokyo

The same day in Tokyo, Japan, the 2020 MakeX Spark competition kicked off. Contestants were required to build creative scientific and technological works based on the theme of “Future Home” and submit their works for on-site evaluation. This competition has produced a lot of unique works, such as the future home that can make friends with animals from all over the world through automatic Wi-Fi door, the smart home that can prevent falling down, the green home in the sky city, etc. To encourage sustainable innovation in the future, MakeX Robotics Competition Tokyo Committee specially customized the medals for the competition with Halocode.

▲ Contestants registering for the competition

▲ One of the MakeX Spark competition works

▲ Judges in the MakeX Spark Tokyo competition


04 2020 MakeX Robotics Competition Weifang Points Race

The 2020 MakeX Robotics Competition Weifang Points Race was hosted in Weifang Children’s Palace on September 26th. The competition involved 53 teams and more than 100 participants in MakeX Starter and MakeX Challenge. Weifang is a city full of excellent MakeX teams like X13199、X13100 and so on, who had remarkable achievements in the past competitions. The little players in this Points Race could do as good as previous participating teams. Every game was pretty exciting and fantastic!

▲ MakeX Starter competition in Weifang Points Race

▲ A Challenge team photo in Weifang Points Race


05 2020 Digital China Innovation Contest Review Conference

for Junior Division of the MakeX Robotics Competition

The 2020 Digital China Innovation Contest Review Conference for Junior Division of the MakeX Robotics Competition was organized in Fuzhou city, led by China Association for Science and Technology, China Instrument and Control Society, the Office of the Leading Group of Digital Fujian, Fujian Association for Science and Technology, Quanzhou Municipal Government and coordinated by Makeblock Co. Ltd. Representatives from the government, universities, and companies attended the conference to conduct reviews and reports from different perspectives on the projects of Junior Division.

In this competition, there were two programs, MakeX Spark “Programming Guardian” and MakeX Starter “Smart Links”, with a total of 264 teams participating and 264 valid works submitted. Among the finalists were 20 teams of MakeX Spark and 20 teams of MakeX Starter. Each project consisted of programming, hardware construction, art design, and creative display, featuring innovation and utility.

Winning is not everything, but having fun is. We wish MakeX can always bring you together and bring you joy while you’re preparing and competing. Let’s look forward to the upcoming competitions in October!

Competition Area Competition Name Date Registration Link
Nanning, China 2020 MakeX Robotics Competition Nanning Points Race Oct 16
Yancheng, China 2020 MakeX Robotics Competition Yancheng Points Race Oct 18
Foshan, China 2020 MakeX Robotics Competition Foshan Points Race Oct 18
Jiujiang, China 2020 MakeX Robotics Competition Jiujiang Points Race Oct 24
Jinan, China 2020 MakeX Robotics Competition Jinan Points Race Oct 24
Nanjing, China 2020 MakeX Robotics Competition Nanjing Points Race Oct 25
Xian, China 2020 MakeX Robotics Competition Xian Points Race Oct 25
South China 2020 MakeX Robotics Competition South China Regional Competition Oct 30


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