MakeX Spark “Infinite Life”

MakeX Spark is an innovation competition program for young people aged 6-13.
The competition includes online and onsite competition formats. Contestants are encouraged to use a variety of materials to design and build their projects. Through project-based learning, contestants boost their imagination and creativity, and combined with critical thinking and research of a real-world issue, contestants are improving their cross-disciplinary problem-solving skills. Also, the contestants’ skills in expression, collaboration, and cooperation can be enhanced through project demonstration.
The theme of the 2022-2023 MakeX Spark is “Infinite Life”
The United Nations General Assembly designated 22 April as International Mother Earth Day through a resolution adopted in 2009. In the pursuit of harmony between human beings and nature, International Mother Earth Day is designed to further promote the sustainable development of human beings and nature by formulating standards for sustainable development and exchanging experiences of countries that meet the standards. With the development of science and technology as well as innovation, human beings will empower the earth with growing vitality.
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MakeX Inspire “Smart Logistic”

MakeX Inspire is a single-mission competition program for teenagers aged 6-12.
The competition is adopted with a single mission format, significantly lowering the participation threshold. The concept of no restrictions on how the mission can be completed has hence the fun and participation experience of the competition, which also fully exercises the abilities of critical thinking and strategic planning of contestants.

The theme of the 2023 season MakeX Inspire is “Smart Logistics”
With the arrival of the Industry 4.0 era, a new generation of revolutionary technology is changing our lives, and a large amount of human labour is being replaced by machines.
Smart logistics is to simulate modern factory logistics scenarios so that students can fully learn the advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence used in the scenarios, and make comprehensive use of mechanical structures, sensors, programming and other knowledge to complete the mission of automated handling, fixed-point placement and safe storage.

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MakeX Starter “Zero Carbon”

MakeX Starter is a multi-tasking competition program for elementary school students aged 6-13.
The competition integrates the automatic stage and the manual stage, which greatly enhances fun and participation experience of the competition. The concept of multiple missions and the alliance cooperation design fully exercises the abilities of critical thinking and strategic planning of contestants, as well as improve the ability of communication and cooperation between alliance teams.
The theme of the 2022-2023 MakeX Starter is  “Zero Carbon”
Since the 18th century, the use of fossil fuels has brought a lot of convenience to people’s life. But the consumption of energy causes lots of global climate issues. Nowadays, more and more countries have participated in the response to global warming, and have put forward the goals and policies of the net zero-carbon plan, to join “Race to Net Zero” and achieve “carbon neutrality”. For the common home of humanity, we will foster changes from the cities where we live together day and night, and zero-carbon cities are our answer to global warming.
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MakeX Explorer “Eco-Pioneer”

MakeX Explorer is a confrontational competition program for elementary and junior high school students aged 8-15.
This program fully integrates the essence of sports events and is highly interesting and a delight to watch. The competition requires the contestants to design and build robots from scratch, which systematically develops the contestants’ comprehensive abilities in robot design, mechanical construction, and programming. Also, the form of alliance confrontation improves the contestants’ ability to solve imperative problems and strategic thinking.
The theme of the 2022-2023 MakeX Explorer is “Eco-Pioneer”
In the past century, high emissions of carbon dioxide, water vapor, nitrous oxide, methane, and other greenhouse gases have led to the rapid increase in Earth’s temperature. In addition to actively reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the solution to global warming is also proven effective by using advanced equipment to capture carbon dioxide. The collected carbon dioxide can be further used in chemical production, sustainable fuel production, agriculture, and medicine to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, slow climate warming, and ultimately achieve the goal of sustainable development.

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MakeX Challenge “Energy Innovator”

MakeX Challenge is a highly confrontational competition program for middle and vocational school students aged      11-18.
This program is very confrontational and enjoyable to watch, and the simple and easy-to-understand rules enhance the overall experience of participation and engagement. The design and construction of bigger robots and programming can better improve the contestants’ design abilities and multi-dimensional thinking abilities of advanced robots. Also, the contestants are exercising logical thinking, strategic analysis, communication and cooperation, and improving decision-making abilities in the competition.
The theme of the 2022-2023 MakeX Challenge is “Energy Innovator”
Renewable energy is the key of future energy, an effective solution to the consumption of energy, and a ray of hope for sustainable human development. Renewable energy integrates human thought for production and consumption as well as innovation in technology development. By adopting supercomputers and cloud computing technology, energy innovation not only connects every port in the new energy industry chain, but also unites countless people who love this planet. Let’s build a sustainable new energy planet together!
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MakeX Premier “Ultimate Warrior”

MakeX Premier is a highly confrontational large-scale robot competition program for high school students over the age of 14 and post-secondary students.
As a large-scale robot competition, it is more open and accessible in terms of robot design, construction, and programming. The competition aims to strengthen the contestants’ abilities to learn and apply advanced technologies. With the extremely challenging tasks in competition, contestants’ capacities are improved in strategic planning, communication, expression, flexibility, and comprehensively developing and enhancing their problem-solving skills.
The theme of the 2022-2023 MakeX Premier is “Ultimate Warrior”
Artificial Intelligence (AI) drives the rapid development of modern medical technologies. When disaster strikes, it can be difficult for ambulance crews and rescuers to enter dangerous areas and accurately locate the wounded in time. In many cases, secondary injuries are unavoidable. AI has great potential in the medical field – smart diagnostic systems and intelligent operating robots are helpful to improve traditional medical procedures and significantly increase medical efficiency. Let us work together to solve the medical problem using future technologies. The world is counting on you to create a healthier future with your brains and hands.
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