The MakeX Mentor Program is officially launched!

// Part 1: Summary //


MakeX Mentor Program (MMP) is a program initiated by MakeX Robotics Competition Committee for evaluating and certifying MakeX mentors. The purpose of this program is to cultivate a more skillful and passionate mentor in different countries so as to teach and support more people around the world. Started in 2020, MakeX hopes to unite all mentors in the world to spread knowledge, the spirit of MakeX, and promote the development of STEAM education.

There are three different certificates the mentor can apply in the MMP:MakeX Junior Certificate, MakeX Intermediate Certificate, MakeX Senior Certificate. The application and qualification of each certificate are different. For more information, please download the MakeX Mentor Program Manual below.

The validity of the MakeX Mentor Certificate is 2 years. As long as the mentor passes the annual evaluation every year, the certificate can be extended before it is expired. The annual evaluation is an online exam organized in April and September every year.

MakeX certified mentor can have opportunities to be the trainer, operation manager, professional engineer to assist the competition, training, workshop, exhibition events, and receive corresponding honorarium payment internationally or locally.

To provide more benefits for MakeX organizers, mentors, and other partners, MakeX Robotics Competition Committee will make a standard process of certifying MakeX Mentors and create a better community for all MakeX mentors.



// Part 2: Mentor Requirement and Responsibility //


MakeX Junior Mentor

MakeX Junior Mentor is the first level of the MakeX Mentor Program, the mentor should fully understand the MakeX competition rules and participation process. Also, the mentor should be capable to manage and support the city/regional competition and training.


  1. Qualify to host the MakeX teacher training or teacher activities supported by MakeX.

MakeX Intermediate Mentor

MakeX Intermediate Mentor is the core power of the MakeX Mentor Program. Mentor at this level should have a deep understanding of MakeX rules, technical knowledge, and rich participation experience. Also, mentors should be capable of managing and operating the National competition, International competition, and junior mentor training, dealing with any unpredicted situations.


  1. Qualify to host the MakeX promoting and training activities and obtain the honorarium. The honorarium will be decided by MakeX or the local organizer.  (National/International Level)
  2. Qualify to apply as the MakeX consultant for reviewing the rules of the new season.

MakeX Senior Mentor

MakeX Senior Mentor is the highest level of the MakeX Mentor Program. Mentors should be responsible for supporting organizers to organize the Continental Championship, the World Championship, and intermediate mentor training, and be the representative for MakeX in big event or exhibition.

As the highest level in MakeX Mentor Program, MakeX Senior Mentor is expected to have an in-depth knowledge of STEAM Education with a high reputation for the expertise in this industry. In this way, the mentor can also assist MakeX to improve the competition programs and provide suggestions to the organizing committee.


  1. Qualify to host the MakeX promoting and training activities and obtain the honorarium. The honorarium will be decided by MakeX or the local organizer. (International/Continental Level)
  2. Obtain the annual honorarium of being a senior mentor.
  3. Eligible for applying the annual award of an excellent senior mentor.


// Part 3: The Current Plan //


2020 Certification Replacement, September 6th-November 6th

The mentors who have obtained the certificates in the previous training events can directly get new MakeX Junior Certificates, which are valid for 2 years, verifying by sole code.

The process of replacing  with a new certificate:

P01: Fill in your information and upload your previous certificate via the Google Form(Click Here).

P02: Please join the Skype Group(Click Here) and check the latest information in the group. MakeX Robotics Competition Committee will update the name list and the download link of the certificate on Skype.

Please find your own name and get your new certificate. If you couldn’t find your name, please contact the MakeX by Email. (

MakeX Junior Certificate Application

All mentors who have registered on the MakeX website can apply the MakeX Junior Certificates during the application period.

The first application period will be open from November 6th to December 31st. For more concrete details, please follow the announcement on the MakeX official website.

For more information, you could download  MakeX Mentor Program Manual V1.0

September 5, 2020





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