Recap of MakeX Robotics Competition in August

August! The long summer break is finally coming to an end while the hot summer is still popping. This month, MakeX continued to shine and engage in competitions at several places, from Shenzhen, Changsha to Taiwan! In case any of you missed it, now follow our lead and let’s get back to those highlights.


// 2020 MakeX Robotics Competition First Stop in Taiwan //

Begun on August 22, the MakeX Robotics Competition Taiwan Points Race was held at the National Science and Technology Museum in Kaohsiung city, marking the first points race match in Taiwan in 2020. This exciting competition lasted for two days, one day for MakeX Starter Smart Links and the other for MakeX Challenge Intelligent Innovator. It has attracted more than 100 enthusiastic contestants as well as many newcomers on site, hoping to participate in the MakeX World Championship and communicate with teams worldwide.

Participants are listening carefully at the pre-match communication meeting

2020 MakeX Challenge Intelligent Innovator competition


// 2020 MakeX Robotics Competition Shenzhen Points Race //

On August 23, the MakeX Robotics Competition Shenzhen Points Race was landed in Coco Park, Futian District, Shenzhen. As the first MakeX on-site competition in Shenzhen this year, the MakeX Starter Smart Links program has involved nearly a hundred participants. With a cheerful atmosphere, lots of pedestrians in the mall stopped to watch this spirited competition and were impressed by the programming and practical skills of the young players.

2020 MakeX Starter Smart Links competition

Participants are debugging the robot during the competition

Participants are checking the results with the judges after the competition


// 2020 MakeX Robotics Competition Changsha Points Race //

Again, the same day on August 23, the MakeX Robotics Competition Changsha Points Race was organized at the Exhibition Center of Hunan Wisdom Educational Equipment. More than 30 teams from various schools and institutions in Changsha came to join this competition. Looking at the expressions of the audience and players immersed in the game atmosphere, you can deeply feel their love for robots.

Look how these kids contributed and devoted themselves to the game! Keep sparking, little fighters!

The parents are watching their kids playing the match with so much pride and joy

The professional referee team

The MakeX Robotics Competition not only emphasizes the cooperation between students but also pays more attention to the growth of youth. Young people can definitely acquire professional knowledge about robots, but more importantly, they develop many other valuable qualities, which will have a positive impact on their growth.

A huge thank you to our incredible partners who have brought wonderful MakeX Robotics Competitions in August. Now looking at September, what competitions can we expect? See the schedule below and join one as you like.

Competition Area Competition Name Date Registration Link
Worldwide 2020 MakeX Spark Online Competition-1 st Match Sep 17-Oct 12
Nanjing, China 2020 MakeX Robotics Competition Nanjing Points Race Sep 20
Kunming, China 2020 MakeX Robotics Competition Kunming Points Race Sep 20

September 1, 2020





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