BIG NEWS | Kicking off 2020 MakeX Spark Online Competition Today! Ready, Steady, Go!

Here comes your hotly-anticipated “2020 Makeblock MakeX Robotics Competition MakeX Spark Online Competition”! Can’t wait to enter it, but do not know where to start, and how to enter?

This page will provide you with all the information you need to confidently and successfully enter into the online competition. Let’s create and share!

// What is MakeX Spark Online Competition? //


MakeX Spark is a creative design competition program for young people aged 6 to 13. It encourages them to get involved in hands-on practice and showcase brilliant projects in all areas of STEM. MakeX Spark comes in two forms, online and onsite competition. Teams need to focus on the theme of each competition, carry out the projects through software programming and hardware construction, and display the projects to others via online or onsite. With the features of low entry-level and flexible forms, Spark not only inspires young people’s creativity but also provides them with the opportunity to develop their problem-solving skills and build their confidence through project-based learning.

In 2020 MakeX Spark online competition, there will be five matches in total, with three domestic matches in Chinese, and two overseas matches in English. Each match is independent with one specific theme.

⇑ 2020 MakeX Spark Online Competition Timeline

Participation Requirements

MakeX Spark online competition is an individual event. Each individual contestant can be instructed by one mentor. Each contestant can only submit one project.

Age groups: 6-9 years old (inclusive) for the elementary group, 10-13 years old (inclusive) for the intermediate group.

Software & Hardware

Software:The contestant must use mBlock 5, a programming platform developed by Shenzhen Makeblock Co., LTD. Contestants can choose mBlock for Web, mBlock for Windows, or mBlock for Mac.

⇑ Recommended Hardware

Hardware: There is no equipment limitation, but we recommend Halocode, AI & IoT Creator Add-on Pack, 2020 MakeX Starter Smart Links Kit.  If you want to buy any equipment, please contact us:


// How to participate? //


Competition Procedure

MakeX Spark encourages contestants to take the initiative to understand real-world problems and try to solve them in different ways. The following is the recommended procedures. Each contestant should get adequate preparation and in-depth exploration, fully investigate the background or real situation of the problem, collect information, generate and test possible solutions, analysis, and evaluate results.

Step 1 Topic Research

In the early stage of the competition, contestants can start to conduct thematic research and studies, explore real-world issues, understand the background, and search for solutions.

Step 2 Project Design

According to the requirements of each competition, contestants should prepare materials on-demand, then build a simple model to analyze and test the solutions.

Step 3 Project Construction

Based on the determined plan, the contestants confirm the topic and functions of the project, clarify the equipment list, and carry out software programming and hardware construction.

Step 4 Poster Design

The competition requires contestants to make posters (the picture below as an example) for the projects and submit them online.

⇑ Project Poster Example

Step 5 Online Submission

Project submission link for 1st  Match 

Project submission link for  2nd  Match (Coming Soon)

With the help of mentors, contestants fill in the text, upload videos and pictures, then publish the projects in the mBlock Community. After that click the submission link on the competition webpage to submit their projects.


//  What you can get from this competition? //


In this competition, all judges will score the projects based on 5 dimensions: Electronic Technology, Programming Ability, Design Ability, Innovative ThinkingCommunication Skills. If you are a contestant, you may get the rewards below:

  • Young All-Rounder Award: The top five contestants of the total score ranking can win the Young All-Rounder. The winners of this award are qualified for entering  MakeX World Championship, and also have the opportunity to apply for the entry of the World Robot Contest.
  • Special Awards: The top 50% of the contestants in the score ranking of corresponding dimensions have the opportunity to win a special award such as Young Engineer, Young Designer, Best Creativity, or Best DemonstrationAll the contestants receiving the special awards have the opportunity to apply for the entry of the  World Robot Contest.
  • Participation Certification: Under the premise of complying with the rules, the contestants who have not won any of the awards can acquire a certificate of Participation.
  • Personal Ability Report based on thorough judgments on 5 dimensions.

If you are an educational organization or a mentor, you will also have the opportunity to obtain awards:

  • Excellent Mentor Award: the mentor who teaches more students to participate and students get higher scores.
  • Excellent Organization Award: the schools or educational organizations that actively encourage more students to participate.

Looking for your invention ideas and amazing projects. Get moving now!


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If you have any questions, please scan the QR Code or click the link below to join the 2020 MakeX Spark Online Group on Skype:


June 8, 2020





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