The First Recipients of 2020 MakeX Challenge Scholarship

We are pleased to congratulate 2 winners of our Challenge Equipment Kit and invite them to participate in 2020 MakeX Challenge Competition later this year.

Congratulations to Jomar Cruz from the Philippines and Davor Sijanovic from Croatia!

Teacher: Jomar Cruz

School/Education Center: TechFactors Inc.

Team member: Paco Amor, Herman Morante, Charles ty

Experience: Participated in WARC and MakeX World Championship in 2019. They have shown good technical skills.

YouTube video: MakeX TechFactors Philippines Team World Championship


Teacher : Davor Sijanovic

School/Education Center: Gymnasium Vukovar

Team member: Sanja Pavlovic Sijanovic (mentor), Daniel Hideg, Marta Atanasovski, Olay Younis, Luka Marinković, Karlo Jukić, Bruno Krizmanić

Experience: Participating in a project called “Generation Next” by Croatian Telekom and working with the Arduino components enabled us to build a model of our hometown Vukovar, Croatia, where we presented some of the ideas about the infrastructure a “Smart city” should have. Their project “Smart City of Vukovar – Our view of smart living” won many prizes and certificates on the national as well as on the International level.

YouTube video: Vukovar Our View of Smart Living


Good for them! The second round of interview is expected in April. Please stay tuned.

You can still submit your application form before Mar. 31


Kind Reminders:

Rules Guide of the 2020 MakeX Challenge program can be found at MakeX official website- Information-Download.

If you have any questions, please contact: ;

For the newest information, please find at our official Facebook account: @MakeX

March 17, 2020





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