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MakeX Robotics Competition is starting a new chapter from 2019 to 2020, we are thrilled to embrace new challenges with all MakeXers and people who love STEAM education. Here’s the news we released in January and February.


  • MakeX Training

MakeX Support Training Globally!

At the very beginning of 2020, MakeX team had organized and supported ten trainings in China, Thailand, Amsterdam, US, Peru, Spain, and Japan, covering more than 350 organizers and educators. Participants from dozens of different countries came to join the training, shared their experience with robot, and brought up great ideas for competition together.

MakeX Committee provides not only awesome robotic competition programs but also all the knowledge and skills around the competition.


  • MakeX Spark Future Home

A New Program for Young People!

MakeX Spark is a creative competition program for young people aged 6 to 13, with its theme of the 2020 season as Future Home. Teams need to focus on the theme and carry out their projects through hardware construction. With the characteristics of no limitation and easy assembly, Spark focuses on guiding young people to learn knowledge based on the perspective of project-learning and problem-solving.

This year, MakeX Spark will firstly start in Hong Kong in March. Stay tuned and more competitions are coming soon!


  • Smart Camera

New Secret Weapon!

The smart camera can learn and recognize brightly colored objects as well as detecting bar codes and lines, which allows it to be used in various applications, such as garbage sorting, intelligent transportation, object tracking, and intelligent line following.

Like an RJ25 electronic module or an mBuild module, Smart Camera can connect to mBot or Halocode via different ways. Then, you can use mBot or Halocode to control the Smart Camera module. Bringing the Smart Camera into selection will completely change the situation of the robotics competition!


  • MakeX STEAM Camp

Learn with Curiosity, Grow with Creativity.

MakeX STEAM Camp is one of the new MakeX activities in the 2020 Season, it combines educational tasks with robotics competition and create opportunity for students to communicate and grow through the exciting competitions.

The most recent camp will be held in Geneva, Switzerland. More STEAM camps in more countries please find at:


MakeX News will issue at the end of each month, bringing you a monthly recap of the most noteworthy news of MakeX!

February 28, 2020





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