2020 MakeX STEAM Camp: Learn with Curiosity, Grow with Creativity

About MakeX STEAM Camp

MakeX STEAM Camp is one of the MakeX activities in the 2020 Season, which is embedded with the MakeX Spirit – creativity, fun, teamwork and sharing. With the concept of Discovering, Learning Skills, Ways of Thinking and Personality Development as its core, MakeX STEAM Camp will combine educational tasks with robotics competition and create opportunity for students to communicate and grow through the competitions.


Why attend a STEAM Camp?

According to statistics, 95% of jobs by the year 2025 will require STEAM education and training. The demand of coders, game developers, robotics engineers, architects and other creative minds is increasing rapidly. And each year, more and more parents enroll their children to STEAM Camps or other STEAM learning programs.

MakeX provides STEAM education opportunities for young people of a wide range of ages, and carries out a variety of international STEAM Camps based on the excellent robotics competitions.


2020 MakeX Steam Camp List


  • April, 2020

Shenzhen, China


  • May, 2020

Geneva, Switzerland


  • May, 2020

Beijing, China


  • July, 2020

Silicon Valley, San Francisco, the United States


  • July, 2020

Boston, the United States


  • July to August, 2020

Beijing, China


  • July, 2020

Shenzhen, China


  • July, 2020

Seoul, South Korea


  • July, 2020

Singapore City, Singapore


If you are interested in the MakeX STEAM Camp, simply fill in this form and our STEAM Camp manager will contact you ASAP:


If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us:

Facebook: @MakeX

Email: makex_overseas@makeblock.com


January 16, 2020





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