MakeX 2020 New Season: An Ever-Updating STEAM Education System

The 2019 MakeX World Championship has come to a successful conclusion on 1st December in Guangzhou, China. In such a “For the technical guides of 2020 season, please click this link:”
grand ceremony which attracted worldwide attention, the brand new theme for the MakeX 2020 Season was also unveiled!

The new season, embedded with the theme of Future Vision, will display a rapidly changing world that is updated by Artificial Intelligence technology. AI tech is now being seen as the Fourth Industrial Revolution and is profoundly affecting every aspect of our daily life including transportation, industry, medical treatment, etc. As the future owners of the earth, young people have the responsibility to learn and use cutting-edge technologies to improve the living environment, which will make far-reaching significance for the future of mankind.

In terms of the competition programs, the biggest update will be the addition of the MakeX Inspire program, which is based on mTiny for 4-7 years old (detailed information will be released later). And the MakeX Premier program will not only set up the High School Group for 14-18 years old, but also the Post-Secondary Group for students from specialized college, undergrad college, and postgrad college.

MakeX Spark – Future Home

MakeX Spark is an innovation-oriented robotics hardware competition for young people of 6-13 years old. The 2020 theme of MakeX Spark is Future Home.

Participants are required to be creative and apply for proper software programming and hardware works according to the theme of the competition, and present their woks to the public. Possessing the features of easy-access and flexible form, this program will allow more young people to enhance their logical thinking abilities and engineering abilities.

MakeX Starter – Smart Links

MakeX Starter is a multitasking competition for young people of 6-16 years old. The 2020 theme of MakeX Starter is Smart Links.

Smart Links is divided into two parts: automatic stage and manual stage. Contestants can improve logical thinking by graphical programming; learn more collaborative strategy by working with their alliance; develop problem-solving skills through the implementation of electronic parts, mechanical structure and software programming.

The 2020 Season will follow the alliance system and be more focused on encouraging cooperation and communication among teammates, guiding young participants to develop teamwork spirit from an early age.

MakeX Challenge – Intelligent Innovator

MakeX Challenge is a confrontational competition for young people of 11-18 years old. The 2020 theme of MakeX Challenge is Intelligent Innovator.

In this competition there are two camps: Red Alliance and Blue Alliance. During the competition, contestants need to complete multiple missions in a certain time to obtain points, including shooting at the basket, suspending alphabet cube, attacking bottles, etc. Multiple mission design provides more possibilities to build robots and set higher requirements for strategic thinking ability for young people. Intelligent Innovator will mainly focus on improving young people’s knowledge about mechanics and abilities of logical thinking, strategical analysis and quick decision.

MakeX Premier – Ultimate Warrior

MakeX Premier is a high-antagonism and large-scale competition for young engineers over the age of 14. The 2020 theme of MakeX Premier is Ultimate Warrior.

There are two groups, High School Group targeting high school students and Post-Secondary Group designated for registered post-secondary students respectively. The competition is held between the Red Alliance and Blue Alliance. It is more challenging and interesting for contestants to build their robots and choosing their strategies in the Ultimate Warrior. Also it is encouraged for the contestants to modularize their robot structures, so as to make full use of the Modification Stage to assemble their robots faster, as well as communicate with their alliance teammates. Contestant’s application ability of high technology will be efficiently improved in this competition.

New Added Equipment – Smart Camera

The Smart Camera developed by Makeblock exclusively will be adopted for the first time in the 2020 Season. It is equipped with three major functions namely color block identification, barcode recognition, and line following. It will also support mBlock 5.0 & PixyMon 2 and be able to realize color block learning within one button.

In 2020 Season, MakeX Robotics Competition will cover six continents, 120+ countries, and will hold 300+ contests.

A brand new season, a brand new journey!

Advance Notice:

The Technical Guide for the 2020 Season will be officially released worldwide on December 10th, please stay tuned!

“For the technical guides of 2020 season, please click this link:

December 5, 2019





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