Preview of Our Teams in the MakeX World Championship

Wondering which teams will show up in the MakeX World Championship and how did they get qualified through all the stress and difficulties? Now, please shift your attention into this blog and have an overall picture of 3 teams in our World Championship.

Instinct Force

As the old saying goes, “Rely on blood brothers when fighting a tiger and your own army in battles”. Instinct Force from the New York consists of three members, a son, a daughter and their father as a mentor. It is a versatile family. They love books, animals, video games and they take MakeX seriously. Indeed, they got really serious about their work in robotics competition when they were talking and debating how to enable their robot perfect. Thanks to the respectable support from their father, these two adorable kids have overcome all the obstacles and won the final ticket to the world-level robotics competition. Being asked what the happiest thing is in the participation, the daughter said “I guess I will be happier if we got the first place”. Now let’s look forward to their excellent performance in Guangzhou and wish them good luck!

The Dollars

“No matter how hard it is, just keep going because you only fail when you give up”. The Dollars from Chile has profoundly defined this wisdom. A day before the MakeX competition held in Chile, two team members got stressed out and wanted to resign. Their mentor asked their head teachers to talk to them and convince them to participate because the most significant thing of competition is the experience of having a good time. And eventually, they did it and made it to the world championship with such a right serenity. You can’t say success are only determined by luck and coincidence. Once you have made up your mind to do something, then you are bound to harvest the fruit. Similarly, almost all of our contestants have experienced the dismay and pain, but The Dollars have demonstrated a standard example for all of us.


SAPERE AUDE, which means dare to know in Latin, is one of the most well-prepared teams in the MakeX Robotics Competition held in Croatia. This team consists of two sisters with one mentor and is self-driven through the pursuing of learning and exceeding themselves. Nika and Jonna, definitely two talented and experienced winners in series of Robotics Competitions, are regarded as the strong competitors for the prize in the MakeX World Championship. From the self-introduction profile, SAPERE AUDE shows so many kinds of innovation and creativity in robotic programming scheme. Apparently, with a strong ambition and capability, we believe that their performance in the MakeX World Championship won’t let you down!

Do you expect the splendid performance of our contestants and more detailed information of our diverse teams? Follow our official account on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Youtube for LIVE and stay tuned!

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November 20, 2019





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