Get Inspirations from the Top 5 Projects of MakeX Spark-Smart Lights

Thanks to the months of effort from our contestants and mentors, and a big appreciation to our judge panel team, the 2020 MakeX Spark Online Competition – Smart Lights launched successfully with over a hundred amazing projects from 15+ countries, among which we found a lot of creative ideas and brilliant project design. As the results just come out, let’s have a look at the Top 5 excellent projects from Young All-Rounder Award winners!


Glow Grow Green

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“When I was in quarantine, I mostly did two enjoyable things: playing game & gardening. Then I realized that combining them into a fun, planting game should be a cool solution for me! So I designed this project — Glow Grow Green.”

Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much!  The primary goal of this project is to boost the kid’s interest in caring for and improving the environment to let the generations lead a better life in a better way. This project not only cares for our planet but also saves a lot of people who would like to plant but have no space or tools. “

Project Overview

Users around the world can come to play the game via the mBlock 5 program and can remotely command mBot to grow the plant. They can choose to play the exercise game or educational one every day to get points. The points earned can be used to turn on the LED light, water, fertilize, and see the plants through an IP camera while playing the game.


Software & Hardware Concept

Smart Green Street Lights

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“My city Karachi is called the City of Lights because at night time it lights up beautifully. But over the years we’ve been suffering from a severe shortage of electricity because street lights consume a huge amount of electricity due to their conventional control systems that manually turn ON and OFF. Sometimes the street lights are even on during the day time!  The city must find ways to reduce its power consumption and alternate forms of generating electricity.”

“Since solar energy is becoming a popular choice as an alternative way to generate electricity, I decided to design a miniature smart street lighting system that will be powered by solar energy.”

Project Overview

“With the help of mBot and mBuild modules, I was able to model a smart city that showed the possibility to utilize solar power and smart distribution in my city.” The SGSL System has the following features:

  1. Solar tracking to maximize the collection of solar rays.
  2. Display system to display the amount of energy collected for consumption at night.
  3. Smart light controllers that light up the city smartly depending on the amount of electricity available.
  4. Midnight saver mode that only turns on street lights when there are cars on the road.”

Smart Lights System Design


Smart Future City

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“This Smart Future City applies the concept of smart saving energy and everything in the city is controlled automatically using AI, sensor, and smart city system. I want to create a smart future city that has a clean, beautiful, and pollution-free city, as well as one that can preserve energy for the continuation of our lives.”

Project Details

In this Smart Future City, there are many facilities:

  1. The energy-efficient school where the lights will turn on automatically when it detects people.
  2. The face recognition for students whether they are male or female for school attendance.
  3. A night lamp for city symbol tower that can be controlled from distance.
  4. The light tower can be used as disinfectants that can emit ultraviolet to sterilize the city at night.
  5. Smart building and street light will turn on automatically when there’s no light.
  6. The smart park that is able to connect music sound and the park light to match the music rhythm.
  7. A water detection system that provides an early warning to prevent flooding. If the water rises above the red line, the sensor will alert the city with a sound and SOS signal.


Smart Light: i-Lamp

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“The first reason I build this i-Lamp is that I saw the news that elderly people and disabled people may have accidents when they get up at night to drink water or go to the bathroom. My grandparents also have that problem.”

“Another reason is that our current lights are not very efficient. According to the New York Times, if every home in the United States replaced one light bulb with an energy-efficient alternative, like the i-Lamp I designed, the amount of energy saved could light 3 million homes for a whole year.”

Project Overview

There are three modes to use the lamp: smart camera, voice control, or ranging sensor.

  1. The LED strip light will turn on or off when you say “ON” or “OFF”. The light can be carried by the belt to move up or down if you say “UP” or “DOWN”.
  2. With the ranging sensor, the LED strip light can be turned on when you move your body in front of the smart camera. After a pre-defined time period, the light will be turned off if you moved out of the range.
  3. With a smart camera, the strip light will move up or move down when your body moves up or move down in front of the camera.



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Plantern is an innovative green solution to reduce light pollution. It is a combination of a planting pot and a lantern. It can be controlled by voice, by remote control, or by a smart lighter. With a cordless design, it can illuminate the surrounding space indoor and outdoor.

Project Overview

Plantern uses energy-efficient LEDs and features with the following 4 lighting modes:

  1. The “Bright” mode is to turn on a bright yellow light.
  2. The “Dim” mode is to turn on an amber colored night light with reserved energy.
  3. The “Party” mode is to turn on a flashy disco light show. It’s a great way to celebrate special occasions.
  4. The “1 Min” mode is for the situation when you only need light for a very short time. When the time is over it will automatically turn off.

Design Diagram for Plantern

Hope these projects can bring you some new ideas for the second match – MakeX Spark Housework Helper. Sometimes to get inspired, you just need to start! Inspiration comes from doing, so get your materials out and start designing and creating if you have a nice idea!


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