2019 MakeX World Championship Annual Awards Application FAQ

September 3, 2019





Q:Does the submission have language requirement?

A:Please prepare the report or video in English or Chinese.


Q:After submitting all the application materials, can I revise materials and submit again?

A:You can submit for several times during the valid application time. MakeX Committee will only regard the latest submission as the final one. Please make sure you submit all materials correctly and completely.


Q:How can I know the judging results?

A:The nomination list will be announced on MakeX official website around 14/11(2 weeks after the application deadline). Please pay close attention to MakeX official channel and keep your email in contact.


Q:How many candidates for each award?

A:It may vary according to the application situation. If there’s no proper candidate, the award may be preserved.


Q:What’s the requirement and procedure of Roadshow?

A:The specific requirements and procedures of Roadshow will be announced after the nomination list announcement. Please pay close attention to MakeX official channel.


Q: Can I apply several awards at the same time?

A: Yes, individual or team can apply for 2 awards at the same time, but will be nominated for one award maximum.


Q:Only the contestant can apply the award?

A:Tha applicant can be a team or an individual(mentor or team member), please refer to the award requirements in detail.


Q:Except for these Annual Awards, can I apply for other awards in 2019 MakeX World Championship?

A:In 2019 MakeX World Championship, there are multiple awards with no need to apply in advance. The judge will give the award according to the practical situation. Please check the Competition Guide of each program for details. The final version will be published on《2019 MakeX World Championship Brochure》.

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