【Announcement】Guide to 2019 MakeX City Guardian & Courageous Traveler Competition

Here is an announcement to inform the updates of MakeX Competition rules. This updated rules will officially apply to all competition events after July 1st. Please download the version V1.1 in time and follow the guide to participate in 2019 MakeX City Guardian & Courageous Traveler.

Competition Guideline V1.1

City Guardian & Courageous Traveler
  1. Contestant age supplementary explanation
  2. Electronic engineering notebook submission method revise

Technical Guideline V1.1

MakeX Starter – City Guardian
  1. Mission M08 Using sampling’s bottom for scoring judgment
  2. Mission M10 Refine the description & Stacks must inside station A
  3. Refine the Technical Requirements for Mechanical Parts
  4. Add new Safety Rules R03 R09
  5. Operation R21 Add specific treatment for Invalid Prop
  6. Operation R35 Change the connection required for the wireless controller
MakeX Challenge – Courageous Traveler
  1. Additional Explanation to the Age of the Contestant
  2. Optimized Definition of Partially In, and Additional Definition to the Size of the Flag
  3. Adjustments of the Figures in Chapter 3.1 and 3.2
  4. Adjustments of the Chapter Orders in 3.6 and 3.7, and Optimized
  5. Explanation to the Scoring Detail, such as the Knock-down State
  6. Operation R34 Add the Use of Bluetooth Controller
  7. Arena not Restored in R37, Added Section R38 on Maliciously
  8. Interfering Opponents to Insert Their Flag

June 10, 2019





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