【MakeX Mentor】MakeX Expands the Minds of Mentors, Family and Children

February 1, 2019





MakeX offers opportunity to expand the minds of mentors, family and children, to visualize the future that is approaching us and be prepared for it. We learned from the competition that we can dream higher and further, and we are capable of doing everything we set out to do. It’s good to know we are competitive and ready for the next challenges”.

Manuel Torres, mentor of MakeX teams in Mexico, has been an electronic systems engineer specialized in Robotics for nearly 15 years. He and his wife Rossana Ferrer, founded Coding Academy Monterrey, an academy dedicated to giving complete computer science classes for young people in Mexico, inspiring their students to be not only consumers, but makers as well.

When interviewed about the reason to participate in the MakeX Robotics Competition, Rossana Ferrer said that, “We looked for the opportunity to challenge the small and capable minds of our students, especially taking into account that in Mexico there are not many competitions for elementary children that involve a serious challenge.”

In 2018, 3 of their teams entered into the MakeX World Championship, the MakeX Starter – Blue Planet Program: Coding Academy Red, Coding Academy Blue and Coding Academy Mty, which are grouped by a bunch of kids aged from 7-14 years old.

Not only as mentors, but as parents, Manuel Torres and Rossana Ferrer think that MakeX is not just a robotics competition for these kids to learn how to build, program a robot and win, but ignited their spark for exploration.

“Through MakeX competition, we saw a lot of potential in these kids, they are extremely creative and intelligent with tremendous ability in coding, planning and problem solving, and to our surprise, they performed calmly with good sportsmanship in the competition when facing fears and challenges, keeping head cool in times of stress.”

They believe that for these kids, the well-rounded skills fostered in competition including innovation, collaboration and self-confidence will take them very far and help them to build a bright future not only in competitions but in the work environment and life in general.

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