【Blog】First 2018 MakeX Robotics Competition Held in Mexico

On November 9th – 11th, MakeX Robotics Competition came to Mexico City for the first time, and was held very successfully at Papalote Museo del Niño, a museum focused on learning, communication and working together through interactive expositions of science, technology and art for children.

70 teams from different places across the country gathered in the museum to be part of a tournament that was not only focused on winning, but helped them to improve their social abilities by creating the opportunity to share, have fun and help one another.

Among them, 4 teams are travelling to the 2018 MakeX World Championship. They are: Coding Academy Mty, Coding Academy Blue from primary school group, and Coding Academy Red and RobotGenio from junior high school group.

Award Ceremony

According to CreativaKids, the organizer of this competition, “of these winners there are 2 children coming from a very remote village in Oaxaca, who has to borrow money to make it possible for them to travel to the Championship. They love robots and they believe that it will change their destiny one day.” It turns out that their effort has paid off, they are now one step closer to the success. Congrats!

During the tournament, CreativaKids also managed to bring together the pioneers and the most important leaders of Mexico’s STEAM Education development and technological innovation introduction, learning their perspectives in this matter. Attendees included representatives from Robotix, Sistema UNOi, Hacedores, ILCE, CIM ORT School, Steelcase, Talent Network, Bosch, Red Late from IPN, Epic Queen, and Tezozomoc Museum, among others.

Gabriel Contreras from the Federal Telecommunications Institute, who attended the Opening Ceremony said that “education will promote the development of our economy and STEAM is the future of education”.

The theme of this Mexico competition is “Blue Planet”. By using props that represents the greatest pollution problems in our planet, we can raise young people’s awareness about this reality and, at the same time, encourage them to face these environmental challenges and solve them through technology.

Alejandro Suárez, founder, “MakeX is designed not only for competitors to learn, but to have fun while creating through a brand-new way of competition”.

A great quantity of organizations worked side by side with CreativaKids to make this competition possible: Sistema UNOi, Steel Case, Bosch and Talent Network, among others created the perfect space for 135 children to focus and enjoy the experience of being part of the robotics revolution.

From customized hats for teams, livestreaming, beautiful background setting to 25 professional judges from Mexican Federation of Robotics, we can tell that Mexico has made a lot of preparation and have made great results for this competition.

Wish you all the best of success in the 2018 MakeX World Championship in Guangzhou!

About CreativaKids:

CreativaKids® is a Mexican company created to offer innovative products that entertain and educate children (and not so children) about the technologies and skills necessary to succeed in the future. The company’s aim is that more children and teenagers in Mexico develop STEAM skills, which will allow them to have the logical thinking tools to face an innovative and very competitive future. CreativaKids provides the best educational robotics platform to Mexican children based in its strategic alliance with Makeblock.

November 22, 2018





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