2020 MakeX Spark Online Competition FAQ

This page provides answers to the most common questions for the 2020 MakeX Spark online competition. We will keep updating more Q&A on the same blog.

♦ About Entry

1. What’s the age requirement?

Teenagers aged 6 to 13 (inclusive) can participate in the competition. Contestants are divided into two competition groups: 6-9 years old (born between 01/01/2011 to 12/31/2014) for the elementary group, 10-13 years old (born between 01/01/2007 to 12/31/2010) for the intermediate group.

2. Can one student be the mentor of another younger contestant?

In all MakeX competitions, the mentor shall be over 18 years old, and he should provide safety guidance especially during hardware construction and tools operation.

3. Can I participate in both matches?

Yes, contestants can choose one of the matches or they can participant in both matches.

4. What’s the minimum size of a team?

Students can participate in the online competition as an individual. They don’t need to form a team with others. And each individual contestant can be instructed by one mentor.

5. Can I mentor a couple of students in the same competition?

Yes, there’s no limitation on how many students one mentor can instruct.

♦ About Equipment

1. Must I use Makeblock products?

The contestants must use mBlock for the programming part, but for the hardware, there’s no limitation. They can use whatever they have on hand. However, it is recommended that contestants use Halocode combined with AI & IoT Creator Add-on Pack or they can use the 2020 MakeX Starter Smart Links Kit produced and sold by Shenzhen Makeblock Co., LTD. to create amazing projects.

2. Contestants must program on mBlock. Can they use mBlock 3 or mBlock 5?

Contestants must use mBlock 5 to program, construct and publish projects. You can download mBlock 5 via this link: http://www.mblock.cc/en-us/download

3. Where I can buy Makeblock products?

To buy any equipment, please contact the local distributor or MakeX Committee: makex_overseas@makeblock.com.

♦ About Rewarding and Judging

1.Will there only be awards and certificates for the winners of the 2020 MakeX Spark online competition? No physical prizes?

Physical prizes will be prepared for some awards, it will be announced soon by social media and website. Stay tuned for more updates.

2. Will all awards be selected according to different age groups?

The four special awards are selected separately according to two age groups (the elementary group and the intermediate group), while the Young All-Rounder, Excellent Mentor, and Excellent Organization awards are selected among all contestants.

3. How many places are there for each of the four special awards?

The places are subject to the actual number of contestants. Under the premise of meeting the rules, the top 50% of the contestants in the score ranking of corresponding dimensions have the opportunity to win the special award. Only one special award can be obtained for each contestant.

4. How do you select the winners of special awards?

The special award is selected based upon:

1) If the project is among the top 50% only in one dimension, the corresponding special award will be rewarded.

2) If the project is among the top 50% in more than one dimension, the special award will be decided according to the highest score among all 4 dimensions ranking results;

3) If the contestants receive the same highest scores in 2 or more dimensions, the comprehensive selection is conducted in the priority order of the special award list (Young Engineer > Young Designer > Best Creativity > Best Demonstration).

Please click the link below to join the 2020 MakeX Spark Online Group on Skype if you have more questions.https://join.skype.com/X5KZg8YXsnXp

June 24, 2020





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