2020 MakeX STEAM Camp: Harvard University & MIT – Future Leaders

Young people should get an opportunity to go out of their daily life cycle and experience life by learning on the other side of the planet. An opportunity to go out, get in touch with international education, and shape the road for self-growth. International exposure to Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) is the quickest path to realizing these goals.

But the world is so big, where do we start?

How about America! The abundant educational resources in the United States provide students with an excellent learning environment. Whether in an elite classroom, a world-renowned school, a history museum, or a science and technology museum, they all can become second classrooms for students to increase their knowledge and set academic goals!

In the summer of 2020, MakeX teamed up with top education organizations to enrich the MakeX STEAM Camps. While the students participated in the competition to strengthen their professional skills, they were also led onto the campuses and classrooms of world-renowned universities, experiencing an academic atmosphere, feeling an authentic experience among other university students and becoming familiar with international environment.


Unique Features

At Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the world’s top prestigious schools, countless technological and business elites lead the world with their creativity and innovation. Our leadership camp introduces Harvard Leadership and MIT STEAM Summer Camp courses developed by MakeX. We are dedicated to training “future leaders” in an era of artificial intelligence. In classrooms at Harvard and MIT, get up-to-date on cutting edge technology, learn the latest knowledge, and improve your comprehensive ability.

You will get:

  • Ability to be a “future leader” by developing leadership skills and enhancing non-academic qualities such as creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and curiosity;
  • STEAM cognitive enhancements by learning about artificial intelligence, mastering basic principles, implementing a scientific method, and applying the logic of various industrial fields, and exploring outstanding artificial intelligence courses.




Section 1: Harvard Leadership and Integration Ability Improvement Course

Students will participate in the world’s top classic leadership improvement courses in Harvard’s classrooms to improve their comprehension and literacy capabilities, including leadership, learning, English speaking skills, and more. The series of courses are delivered by Harvard undergraduates who understand the challenge that troubles students today and can offer the most up-to-date and professional advice. Tutors not only teach cases of accomplishments, but they also share their own success stories at Harvard, and strategies they used themselves. Helping students to set goals and find ways towards an ideal door to their future, this series of courses includes:

(1) Leadership Development

As an essential quality and skill of a leader, the leadership course provides information to help students start groups and communities of their own interests. The course includes interactive leadership activities that promote communication and leadership role development among the students.

(2) Public Speaking Ability

This course will explain why public speaking is a key skill, and how to propose an opinion. In the classroom, students will perform practical exercises, make impromptu speeches, and talk about current topics. Harvard tutors will conduct dialogues, answer questions, and give feedback to effectively improve students’ speaking skills.

(3Goals and Plans

Introduces students to the importance of effective goal setting, with tips on how to set achievable goals, differences between types of goals, and hands-on practice with goal setting.  This course helps students take the first step in achieving their goals.

(4Education in the United States

Students will learn about the education system in the U.S. through a series of discussion about the history and the recent changes of it. The discussions will also include information about the different types of schools in the U.S. and the classes offered by them.


Section 2: Artificial Intelligence Course

(1)Discover Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Harvard

The course will be taught at Harvard University, targeting students who are interested in Artificial Intelligence but with little background in the area, investigating the current situation and future trajectory of artificial intelligence through the lens of consumer applications, such as AI voice assistants. It also considers the ethical dilemmas involved in AI.

(2)Discover Artificial Intelligence (AI) at MIT

Artificial intelligence has made remarkable achievements in many fields such as autonomous driving, game competition, biomedicine, financial transactions, and robotics, as well as accomplishments in artistic creation. The course delivered at MIT leads students to an understanding of the application of AI in various fields, and an understanding of project-based mathematical basics of AI.


Section 3: MakeX Event Days

As a platform with global events experience in more than 60 countries, MakeX has comprehensive robotics technical information, training courses, and event systems, and has set up activities for all ages of 6 to 22 + years old, which can fully meet the learning requirements of students.

  • MakeX Event Days: Course Training

In this course, the MakeX Robotics Competition Committee will invite senior MakeX instructors to give lectures and trainings. Here, you will learn about knowledge about various electronic modules of the robot in an easy-to-understand way, learn unique programming ideas, and smart robotic mechanical structures. You will also learn the professional interpretation of the rules of the MakeX Starter competition.

  • MakeX Event Days: Setting Up Before the Competition

This course aims to teach students theoretical and practical skills. Students are required to combine the software and hardware knowledge learned in the previous lessons and design a robot that can meet the specified competition tasks based on the mission. In this course, you have to create a robot with your teammates to be ready for the competition coming up the next day.

  • MakeX Event Days: Competition

This is the most exciting part on MakeX Event Days, because now you are going to fight for the honor on the field with the robots you designed with your teammates.


Section 4: Broaden Your Horizons and Have Fun

You will visit the campuses of famous schools, including Harvard University, MIT, Boston University, and Berklee College of Music. You will explore the world’s largest technology museums with a variety of interactive programs, as well as a visit to the Kennedy Library and the Kennedy Memorial museum. You will also visit places of interest in Boston, which includes a historical and cultural exploration of the Freedom Trail.


Camp Schedule

  • Departure DateAugust 10th 2020
  • Return Date: August 21st 2020
  • PlaceBoston USA
  • Age10 – 16 years old
  • Competition ProgramMakeX Starter
  • The Number of Participants200
  • Requirementall students are welcome


Some of the visiting points in this schedule have a capacity limit, so if more than 80 students join this camp, we may divide into groups for visits and each group will visit by turns. For the scheduled visits to companies, science research centers, and universities, they are not always open to the public, therefore there is a chance that we will be notified to change the visiting time or cancel the visit. If this happens, we reserve the right to adjust the schedule and communicate with cooperate partners in advance, and propose other similar or equivalent alternative replacement activities.


Detailed Description

Project Fee:   US Dollar $4799 each participant

Cost includes:

  • Course: Including courses, materials, tutors and teachers, tourist guide, event organization, course design, venue, admission tickets and reception fee
  • Textbook: Camp manual, materials
  • Accommodation: 10 nights’ accommodation in a 4-person hotel room (Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza or other similar hotel) or a well-known university dormitory.
  • Meals: 20 meals (including lunch and dinner), 10 breakfasts, flight meals on international flights
  • Transportation: Boston-local transport
  • Free of Cost: Overseas insurance

Cost does not include:

  • Round trip fight tickets to the United States
  • U.S. Visa Processing Fees
  • Personal property loss caused by participants due to: breach of contract; fault of one’s own; or illness
  • Other Personal expenses


If you are interested in this STEAM Camp, please sign up at: https://forms.gle/bm6zHXsz4SfLTEkx6

March 4, 2020





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