The Creative Design Competition Program: MakeX Spark

What is Spark?

MakeX Spark is a creative competition program for young people aged 6 to 13, with its theme of the 2020 season as Future Home. Teams need to focus on the theme and carry out their projects through hardware construction. With the characteristics of no limitation and easy assembly, Spark focuses on guiding young people to learn knowledge based on the perspective of project-learning and problem-solving.  


Program Highlights

  • On-site Construction

After each competition theme announced, teams can make a plan for the construction, and reasonably divide the work among the team members. Teams must complete the hardware construction for their projects independently within the time limit. The on-site construction is no equipment limited, and will greatly promote the problem-solving skill and teamwork skill of contestants.



  • Roadshow

Teams bring the projects to the stage in turn, and display to the expert judge panel within the specified time. The content of the roadshow may include the outcome of the project and the teamwork. There is no restriction on roadshow forms, and the teams can make PowerPoint presentations, tell stories, sing songs, or deliver performance.



  • Rotating Display

Teachers from the education or robotics competition industries will form a teacher judge panel. The judges will visit the booths of the teams to ask them questions and score their projects. In this process, teams need to introduce and demonstrate their projects, answer the questions, fully display the work and share the harvest in the competition and the team culture.




Previous projects


Lion Dancing Robots

The traditional lion dance is lion a dance performed by human, and I think it can be a robot lion dance under the competition theme. The 3D printing model assembled with the steering gear can make the lion dance. With the light band and lamp on the Halocode added, it can make the lion produce different lighting effects.

The lion head can turn with the help of the steering gear in some seconds of music beat. As the steering gear turns, the lights of light band and lamp on the Halocode will also change with the music beat.


Automatic Barbecue Machine

In Inner Mongolia, there are a lot of people especially like to eat roasted whole sheep, but the work is painstaking because the manual sheep rotation and the timing is not only troublesome, but also very hot and tired, so I made this project — intelligent roast whole sheep machine.This project can be started with one key, and when the sheep is cooked, there will be a voice prompt, and the display will prompt a smiley face and stop automatically.This machine can greatly improve work efficiency and provide convenience for people.


(Above projects are from the 2019 World Robotics Competition Finals MakeX Spark Competition and 2019 MakeX Spark Online Creative Construction Competition.)


Participation Requirements



Download 2020 MakeX Spark Future Home Rules Guide:


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January 21, 2020





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