MakeX, A Bridge for Intercultural Communication

Through a robotics competition, what can you harvest?

Maybe most of you would say, we received happiness, friendship or rewards by standing out from other contestants. Now, we would say, MakeX is endowed with a more meaningful symbol—an international cultural exchange platform which is based on the robotics competition.

(We have 45000+ contestants from over 60 counties in 2019 Season)

Consul General Met with Peruvian Team in MakeX

After the successful end of 2019 Makeblock MakeX Robotic Competition World Championship. We are profoundly honored to hear that our contestants from Peru has been invited to Consulate General of Peru in Guangzhou. The Consul General Ivan Silva extended a warm welcome to the contestants and their mentors after their great performance in the Starter Program-City Guardian!

During this cordial meeting, Mr. Silva introduced the long-lasting friendship between China and Peru, as well as the remarkable economic development of China especially within the Greater Bay Area. In addition to the introduction, Mr. Silva paid much care to the personal living and problems of our contestants in Guangzhou. Since these Peruvian teams represented Peru in MakeX World Championship, Mr. Silva prized the contestants with diploma of honor in a friendly and warm atmosphere.

Consul General of Panama Greeted Panamanian Team at MakeX Pits Area

Panamanian team was greeted at the Pits Area in MakeX World Championship by Consul General Carlos E. Ching Chun. He highlighted the importance of MakeX Robotics Competition in helping youngsters to experience and learn the robotic technology. Originally, Mr. Chun have fully scheduled his work but when he heard that there was Panamanian team competing in MakeX, he got round to come for a visit of his compatriots and support them to chase the glory.

Although it is only two years after the official establishment of diplomatic ties for China and Panama, the bilateral relationship is continuing to leap forward basing on the mutual respect and cultural exchange with MakeX as the best demonstration!

Consul Generala of Mexico Attended the Opening Ceremony

Comparatively, Cultural Consul of Mexico Daniel Dominguez attended the opening ceremony on 29th, December and eagerly welcomed the Mexican team. During their meeting, Mr. Dominguez genially cared their feelings as well as expectation in MakeX World Championship and took group photos with each team as mementos.

It is widely known that China has maintained a long-standing friendship with amounts of countries in Latin America. Having established diplomatic relationship with China in 1971 and 1972 respectively, Peru and Mexico have been cooperating with our country at a multi-level and comprehensive stage. This year, Lion Dance culture had even been performed to ignite MakeX Robotics Competition held in Mexico, reflecting a close cultural tie between China and Mexico.

(Lion Dance in Mexico)

To be honest. It is a great honor that the MakeX Robotics Competition can serve as a bridge for intercultural exchange on the world stage. Contestants from different countries can not only spread their excellent cultural essence on the competition area of MakeX, but also rich their perspectives about friendship, wining and duty through robotics confrontation. Finally, MakeX provides a marvelous opportunity for foreigners to see the booming innovation of technology in China.

Being here, we understand and trust each other, so that language is no longer an obstacle to communication. Standing here, we create a brilliant future for innovation and break the broader of cultural constrains. Chasing here, we build MakeX the best robotics competition in the world!

December 5, 2019





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