Review of 2019 MakeX World Championship

Once again, 2019 Makeblock MakeX Robotics Competition World Championship has been held successfully in Guangzhou Asian Games Town Gymnasium from 28th November to 1st December. This year we witnessed thousands of contestants, mentors, parents participated and enjoyed in this robotics feast for youngsters. We are beyond pleasant to announce that it is an extraordinary achievement for us to draw a perfect full stop for the 2019 MakeX World Championship.


Grand Scale

MakeX World Championship made its second show in Guangzhou with an unprecedented scale. This season we welcomed more than 450 teams consist of 2500+ students and mentors from over 60 countries competing on this unrivalled stage. Basing on the spirit of creativity, fun, teamwork, sharing, our young contestants has genuinely defined that MakeX is more than a robotics competition but also a learning platform without restrictions and boarders. On top of these data, we have attracted thousands of audience to the scene for the wonderful watch and covered around 35.5 thousands of viewers on LIVE. It is explicit that we have promoted MakeX into an international, broad-based, appealing robotics competition this year!



Other than formulating a mature system for the successful open of MakeX World Championship, we have professionally demonstrated we made high emphasis on every detail of this event. In terms of the match, we have invited an international group of referees from Thailand, Egypt, China, Malaysia, etc. With regard to the broadcasting, we have provided online LIVE, Photo LIVE on YouTube, Facebook, Huya, etc. With respect to the running commentary, we have experienced bilingual MC for exciting explanation. All in all, we have tried every effort to provide entire facilities not only for contestants but also for those who have keen interest in MakeX robotics competition. Next year, we are bound to make it better!



It is the second time for a quit great percentage of our contestants to participate in MakeX World Championship. Jacob, the captain of QAIS and a senior in high school. This year marked his final year for being a leader in MakeX since he is going to be a university student. As it is the last opportunity for him to lead his team to win, he selected Cason who is a grade 8 student to be their opeartor and guide him hand by hand to code, operate, and compete on the pitch. When asked about his team, he said it was a kind of heriatge that each team player should maintain their competitiveness and help the freshmen learn in the real practice. We believe that almost every member has the same faith to inherit their team and become more competitive in MakeX robotics competition. In addition, badges exchange is also popular among our contestants as a tradition to show their countries’ culture and charm.



From various interviews of our contestants, the most common sentences we heard are “Have fun” “Enjoy the competition” etc. Indeed, MakeX is regarded as a platform for cultural exchange and learning through robotics competition. The final aim for contestants is usually not only to win the championship but to make friends all over the world by communicating and cooperating with them in robotics confrontation. Thus, from this point of view, all of youngsters in MakeX World Championship come to have fun and enjoy the real-world practice on the basis of creativity, teamwork, fun and sharing.


2020 “Future Vision” is going to be released! Please stay tuned and we will be here waiting for you next year!

December 4, 2019





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