Preview of Teams in the MakeX World Championship 2.0

Here we are again for the introduction of our brilliant teams in the 2019 MakeX World Championship! This time we are going to present the snapshot of 4 teams to you and label them in accordance with their distinct features! Now come to have a look at our teams and choose which one is your favorite!


Team Name: SOLARIX

Labels: Optimism, Determination

SOLARIX consists of four students who share different hobbies but maintain a cohesive corporation within their team. Initially they met in a fateful morning but barely talked with each other since there’s always that lingering awkwardness which blocked them from approaching each other. However, through robotics competition, they grew comfortable and built trust with each other. With the age barrier broken down, the four contestants were free to share perspectives and ideas to strive for the glory. On the way to the final destination, failures were always there as obstacles, and every time they felt like flinching, they remind themselves to look at where they are, look at where they started. And finally they managed to be optimistic and determined that this is a fight they will win with a smile and lessons to share.


Team Name: Future Core

Labels: Creativity, Friendship

Full of passion and devotion toward robotic technology, these two youngsters from Turkey has made it to the World Championship with their creativity and happiness of making friends with others. You can see they made a variety of scripts for robotic programming and construction from the pictures below. Although it was tired and always took a lot of their spare time to do training, they still felt happy to do so. Although they have argument and disagreement, they still felt it helpful to know each other. Obviously, happiness drives them to the final destination and getting the champion will be the happiest time for them in the World Championship.


Team Name: Blue Phoenix

Labels: Tenacity, Communication

In western legends, the phoenix could revive from ashes. Similarly, this team from Vietnam, often makes many faults but still has a way to overcome. And that’s the reason why they give this name to their team as they never give up and always revive from the mistakes eventually. These two mettlesome boys are the owners of this immortal phoenix and they are aiming to win the crowning glory of MakeX World Championship in the name of their country. In the past, they have experienced the conflict but they always listen to each other to make it better. With such a tacit understanding, let’s witness if they could take the jewel from the crown!

The following video is the introduction of “Blue Phoenix” with its friend team “Unknown Players”, which also comes from Vietnam. All the four boys are happy and excited for the upcoming big event of robotics competition. Now, let’s watch what they expressed in this video.


Team Name:Yellow Cat

Labels: Experience, Balance

There are two contestants in this team—Yehor and Tymofii. They are going to represent Ukraine at MakeX World Championship for the first time. Tymofii is a calm person while Yehor is much more an emotional person, and that’s why they build a “balance team” in terms of their characteristics. As two talented, brave and fearless youngsters, they have won a lot of titles and champions in worldwide robotics competitions. Unlike their team name “Yellow Cat”, it seems that they are two lions, with their power and experience astonishing you. So stay curious for their unrivalled performance.


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November 25, 2019





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