Exclusive First Look on The 2019 MakeX World Championship

After months of adequate preparation, our official staff are exceedingly pleasant to announce that we get fully ready for our World Championship held from 28th November to 1st December. Now we would like to offer you some stunning statistics with regard to our MakeX Robotics Competition and MakeX World Championship!

This year, MakeX has expanded to over 60 countries with more than 10000 teams competing on our unparalleled stages. On top of that, we have spread our principle and spirit of creativity and innovation to the six continents with near 160 cities. An increasing number of our contestants in Turkey, The Philippines, Malaysia, India, The US expressed that they were really enjoying the technology feast and all of them were aiming to win the qualification to the World Championship held in Guangzhou. With such a high expectation, almost 450 teams from all over the world is more likely to show the world a dreamily and vehement visual fantasy!

Since we are looking forward to such a fabulous event, you may wonder how can we prepare it with our current facilities. Now I’m beyond excited to tell you that we are going to make an all-round usage of the majestic gymnasium with the visual effect of Artificial intelligence. During the competition days in Asian Games Town Gymnasium (Guangzhou, China), the arena with 5000 square meters will be filled with more than 2500+ students and mentors as well as 10000 spectators experiencing the fervent atmosphere. In addition to the spectacular competition ground, our Championship will be broadcasted live on YouTube. Professional bilingual MCs will be there for you and transmit the most wonderful moments of the competition to all parts of the world. Explicitly, you can see what an elaborate preparation we have done!

Apparently, it won’t be a long wait for us to reunion with our contestants with new faces as there are only ten days to go. Before the World Championship, we have collected the interviews and introductions of their own feelings and aims, which are quite motivating and touching. Through the joy and tears, our brave youngsters and their respectable mentors have genuinely defined what teamwork and friendship is. One of our contestants from Vietnam said, “Previously we are not familiar with each other, but after days of learning and training, I began to realize that he is really a guy to trust and work with. Though we also have different opinions leads to disagreement, but we always listen to each other to make it better.” Through the pain and fulfilment, our adamant contestants have represented what is “after suffering comes happiness.” One of the members in “The Dollars” from Chile said “We laughed, we learned, we stressed and finally we had a great time!’ Thus we believe, MakeX is indeed a commendable opportunity for our participants to meet new people, build new friendship and make a better progress in robotic technology.

Given that the waiting time is quickly running out, please warm up to get ready with your every possible channel for watching and sharing! We will be in Guangzhou on 28th November for your participation!

November 18, 2019





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