Missions of 2019 MakeX National Competition – Mexico

2019 MakeX National Competition-Mexico will be held at Centro Escolar Cedros Tecoyotitla 364, on Nov 8-10th, 2019.

Program: MakeX-Starter City Guardian

Missions for Elementary Group and Intermediate Group are different, shown as below:

Group: Elementary Group

M02: Charging Station

M04: Chimney Dismantling

M06: Obstacle Removal

M07: Waste Sorting

M09: City Party

M10: Garbage Recycling

Group: Intermediate Group

M01 Energy Saving Switch

M03 Aging Power Plant

M05 Road Inspection

M08 Forest Planting

M09 City Party

M10: Garbage Recycling

For detailed description and scoring standards about missions shown above, please check City Guardian Guide and read in details.

October 30, 2019





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