2019 MakeX World Championship is coming! US$70,000 Prize Pool Distribution

We are beyond excited to announce our plans for the 2019 MakeX World Championship!

This year, the MakeX World Championship will be held from November 28th to December 1st in Guangzhou New City Asian Games Multiple-use Gymnasium. Over 6000 teams from more than 50 countries are registered, and the number is still increasing. Winners will be awarded trophy and a great amount of prize money for their excellent performance and exceptional effort. And for this year, the prize pool is about US$70,000 (¥500,000)!

Want to know how the prize money distribute? We will introduce in this blog!

In 2019 MakeX World Championship, there will be 4 main events: MakeX Starter – City Guardian, MakeX Challenge – Courageous Traveler, MakeX Premier – Strong Alliance and MakeX Spark – My City.

Winners of these 4 programs will split prize money of US$54,000 (¥385,000), almost 80% percent of the total prize pool.

In addition to this, in order to better develop the team culture and improve the overall strength of the individual and the team, MakeX has also established many individual awards, the bonuses are as follows:

For the individual awards, you can apply in this page: https://www.makex.io/2019/09/03/2019-makex-world-championship-annual-awards-application/

Registration Time:

September 15th, 2019 – November 5th 2019

Way to Register:

  1. Log in MakeX website: http://www.makex.io/en
  2. Create an account, click 2019 MakeX World Championship
  3. Complete the team registration, information entering and application.

Addition to the exciting competitions, there will be also a wonderful opening ceremony, a brilliant MakeX carnival, the shows of different teams from all over the world. More mysterious technology experience projects are waiting for you to discover in the 2019 MakeX World Championship!

September 10, 2019





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