Top 5 Projects of 2020 MakeX Spark Housework Helper

Happy New Year, MakeXers!

After half a month of rigorous evaluation, the result of MakeX Spark Housework Helper is finally out. Congratulations to all winners in this match! This is the coolest way to start 2021, isn’t it? As the tradition goes, MakeX is beyond excited to select the best of the best projects, also known as Young All-rounder award-winning project, and to share with all of you for inspiration. Ready, Go!

1.Smart Kitchen – by Ananda Kirani Mahagitta Wicaksono

(Poster & Video Link:


The project name is called Smart Kitchen, created by Ananda from Malaysia. The Smart Kitchen has two features, Safety and Food Management. For Safety Feature, there are 3 sensors. The first sensor is Fire Sensor. This sensor will detect a naked flame. Therefore, it can prevent fire. The second sensor is Smoke and Gas Sensor. This sensor will detect smoke and gas from LPG and will detect leakage and dangerous substance such as smoke. The third sensor is Water Sensor. This sensor will detect water splash while washing the dish in order to prevent accidents.

Another feature is Food Management, which will add on the refrigerator. By applying Camera Image Recognition and using Weight Sensors into this project, we are able to keep track of the stock from refrigerator in time.


  1. This Project using 3 devices: 2 Halocode and 1 Arduino Nano.
  2. 1st Halocode is handling the stock management from Refrigerator. 2nd Halocode reading the Sensor (Fire, Gas and Water Sensor).
  3. Arduino Nano is reading the weigh sensor and connected with 1st halocode to broadcast the refrigerator stock.


2. H.O.M.E (Helping Others Manage Effectively) – by Gordon Augusto Pook

(Poster & Video Link:


The project name is called H.O.M.E., also known as Helping Others Manage Effectively, created by Gordon Augusto Pook from Indonesia. The background of this project comes from the everyday cleaning work which takes up heavy efforts and a lot of time. Therefore, Gordon came up with the idea of creating a robot machine to serve as a solution to help relieve the housework.

H.O.M.E has a few functions to help manage housework effectively. 1. Smart Home Assistance. 2. Speedy Mopping and Sweeping. 3. Intelligent Mobile Spray Disinfectant and UV Light Sanitization. 4. Remote Mobile Trash bin


  1. Smart Assistance, if you want to move things to another person at home just use remote. If you need H.O.M.E to bring your things, H.O.M.E can detect and follow you.
  2. Speedy Mopping and Sweeping: Just Give instruction by following you to the location that needs to mop or sweep, H.O.M.E will follow you and clean the area.
  3. Intelligent Mobile Spray Disinfectant and UV Light Sanitization: If a person comes to your house, you can send H.O.M.E to meet the guest first and the guest can be clean with disinfectant before entering the house. If we need to sterilize the room, just send the robot with remote to activate UV light with apps.
  4. Remote Trash Bin. H.O.M.E will go to you if you need to throw something into the trash bin, so the house can always keep clean.


3. ωBrush – by Lucija Udovčić

(Poster & Video Link:


The project name is called ωBrush, created by Lucija Udovčić from Croatia. The idea of this project comes from the bicycle that Lucija rides every day, which can easily get dirty. Cleaning bikes is tough and it makes hands hurt from all the scrubbing. That’s why Lucija invented ωBrush for cleaning the bicycle.


1.When Halocode starts we must wait for the network to initialize. It will show a rainbow while initializing and after it’s connected it will blink 3 times. Halocode has two modes:
– voice recognition on (white lights on)
– voice recognition off (yellow lights on)
We can switch between them by pressing the button.

2.With voice recognition turned on it can recognize 4 voice commands and after it successfully recognizes a command it turns light for half a second:
– START – blue light turns on
– STOP – red light turns on
– OPEN – teal light turns on
– CLOSE – orange light turns on
This will be sent to ωBrush through the cloud and it will do the following actions:
– START – brushes will start to rotate
– STOP – brushes will stop
– OPEN – robotic claw will open
– CLOSE – robotic claw will close

4. Dream Clean Tower – by Danielle Choi

(Poster & Video Link:


The project that Danielle created is called the Dream Clean Tower, which is a smart laundry machine system. This product was inspired by the many inconveniences that people experience with doing this chore. So, to remove this task from our family’s list of to-dos, I have created this product. This system is equipped with different functions such as color and white separator, and an automatic smart washing and drying machine. All the functions in this machine have the purpose to minimize manual labor and maximize automated technology and remote operation. This will enable people to spend less time doing this chore and more time with family, relaxation, or productive work. The Dream Clean Tower is an effective, practical, and helpful invention that takes away disturbances for people, and to me, that is what a future home should be.


  1. When you have a new load of dirty clothes you can dump it into the dirty laundry hamper at the top of the machine. This will trigger the smart camera to differentiate the colored and white clothes into different laundry hampers. A certain color or shade will make the servo motor move in a certain direction.
  2. When the clothes have been categorized, the humidity fan can be activated when the temperature is too high. This will prevent bugs and mold.
  3. The clothes will then drop into the washer/dryer machine. It will automatically wash then dry the clothes. The mode of the machine will be displayed on the LED matrix. There is no need to transport clothes from one washing machine to another drying machine. No manual labor needed.
  4. After the washing and drying process is finished it will fall into the clean hamper. When the clothes fall into the clean hamper an iCloud message will send indicated the washer/dryer is empty and the next batch can enter the machine.
  5. When the clothes enter the clean hamper. The Halocode will light up and the speaker will say express that the laundry is done. Now you collect the laundry. You are able to carry on everyday tasks, without worrying about the laundry. Putting in and collecting the laundry is the only manual labor required.


5. Automated Sweeper and Clothes Folder – by Micah Rayven

(Poster & Video Link: )


The project is called Automated Sweeper and Clothes Folder, created by Micah Rayven from Indonesia. Children can learn a lot from doing household chores. Doing chores helps children learn about what they need to do to care for themselves, a home, and a family. They learn skills they can use in their adult lives, like preparing meals, cleaning, and organizing things. Being involved in chores also gives children experience of relationship skills like communicating clearly, negotiating, cooperating, and working as a team. When children contribute to family life, it helps them feel competent and responsible. Even if they don’t enjoy the chore, when they keep going, they get the feeling of satisfaction that comes with finishing a task. And sharing housework can also help families work better and reduce family stress. When children help out, chores get done sooner, and parents have less to do. This frees up time for the family to do fun things together.

My project gives every family free from housework and gives more time to each other and maintain cleanliness and organize things the way it should be.


  1. Halocode will receive instruction using voice recognition then send a signal to the mCore to do the sweeping and folding of the clothes. The Halocode also notify by showing light if there is someone outside the house.
  2. Using the touch feature of Halocode, you can also control the robot.
  3. Sprite feature can be used using smartphones. It has voice recognition and facial recognition for security system.

These projects are pretty amazing, aren’t they? Did you get any inspiration from them? Let us know your brilliant ideas and see you again in the 2021 Season!

January 7, 2021





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