Engineering Notebook Sharing From Thailand Team

Team Name: Tim Man

Team Number: XE136066

Program: 2019 MakeX Starter City Guardian-Elementary Group

“Curiosity always gets the better of me, and that’s what built me up.”

We achieved to complete every mission within the given time,  and we also didn’t give up either. There is an essential role in this achievement: it is looking at the whole picture. If we concentrate on only one of the missions and make it perfect, then look at another mission when we realized that we need to change it.

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Team Name: ACSPROBOT 03

Team Number: X236018

Program: 2019 MakeX Starter City Guardian-Intermediate Group

“Learning is the passport for the future.”

Our journey of going to international competition is not easy for us. We only knew this event a month before the local competition and by then we only have one month to prepare and unfortunately, we don’t have any available robot starter kits at our hand. Because of the willingness of our coach he makes things happen and borrow a starter robot kits from the Imagineering Education Thailand for us to be part of the said event. Moving forward, we did it and we are so happy because we represent our country (Thailand) for this incoming international competition.

Joining this event is not only about winning the prize, Hence, our team also aims to make friends, to adapt to the culture and to gain more knowledge and experience that cannot be seen inside the four-walled classroom. The knowledge and experience that we can get from this event are for sure we can use it in the future and most especially to our studies.

 Check this team’s Engineering Notebook 


Team Name: KMIDS Thailand

Team Number: INM195918

Program: 2019 MakeX Challenge-Courageous Traveler

“Never stop to learn and improve.”

Last year, our team consisting of 3 people: Joe, Meepooh, Tonnum participated in the WRO 2018 competition open
category ( World Robot Olympiad 2018 ) and got 1st place in the national competition in Thailand and 15th place in the international one. We got many experiences from that competition which we will also apply to this competition as well.

Surprisingly, while doing this competition we were also in the same class for grade 7, however, in grade 8 we were
split. This helped us to be able to communicate with each other with ease and have a better connection with each other.

 Check this team’s Engineering Notebook 

May 14, 2020





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