Blog | The WARC-MakeX Challenge Officially Kick Off in Chongqing

The 19th China Adolescent Robotics Competition World Adolescent Robot Contest 2019 officially kicked off on August 13. The competition is hosted by the China Association for Science and Technology and co-organized the National Associations of Science and Technology and the Youth Activity Centers, over 3400 competitors from over 30 countries participate in this robotics competition.

As one of the world’s fastest-growing world-famous robotic event brands, MakeX is one of the important events in this year’s World Adolescent Robot Contest. In this competition, MakeX will focus on the“MakeX Challenge Courageous Traveler”, and there is 27 teams from 12 countries around the world to compete here.

About 60 countries around the world have joined in MakeX in the 2019 season, and the internationalization process is still accelerating. It is reported that among the 15 overseas teams in this competition. Paraguay’s “ABC Daily” and Chilean local newspapers reported on the team representing the country. This is the first time that the Paraguayan students participate MakeX in China. In this competition, they will do their best to compete with the teenagers around the world.

All the 15 overseas teams are selected by their countries, and for most of them, this is the first time they come to China as well as the first time to participate MakeX Challenge Competition, so they really feel excited. For them, the most important thing is not to win the competition, but to gain more experience and feel the culture of other countries.

Now let’s meet our 15 brillant overseas teams.

Team STEAMPY from Paraguay, this is the first time that the paraguayan students take part in MakeX in China. Team The Sharks from Mexico

There are 2 teams from Philippine, Team TechFactors Philippines and Team CREOTEC

Team tdrobotica from Colombia, although they can’t speak English, their smile let everyone feel their enthusiasm.

2 teams from Croatia, Team Supergirls (black T-shirt)  and Team Sapere aude (blu T-shirt)

Team AMal Sarawak from Malaysia.

2 teams from Peru, Team INKABOTS and Team LOS PRO, they performed the dance of their country in the Friendship Night, lovely and passionate boys and girls.

Team The Sharks from Mexico.

Team KMIDS Thailand from Thailand, they have partecipated MakeX Starter last year.

There are 2 teams from India: Team Mechatronics Overloads and Team MAKEBOT. 

Team BBSCourage from Indonesia.

Team DSVPLANCK from Chile

In the following days, the teams all over the world will compete with each other,  and every 2 teams will form an alliance to compete with another alliance, which requires teamwork, cooperation. So it’s really a challenge for all our teams.

Want to know the details of WARC-MakeX Challenge Competition? We will talk about it in our next blog.

August 19, 2019





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