【MakeX Mentor】 The Best Part of MakeX is the Strong Sense of Involvement

“MakeX is a systematic robotics competition focusing on nurturing creativity and collaboration skills, which, compared with other robotics competition, provides more diversified programs to play. For many students and myself included, MakeX managed to build a strong sense of involvement in the competition process and that’s the best part of the brand culture.” Said Zhenjun Ke, mentor of the Champion team in 2018 MakeX World Championship – Challenge – Interstellar Exploration

Mr. Ke, an experienced STEM teacher at Shenzhen KOREI Education, is mentor of the Champion team in 2018 MakeX World Championship – Challenge – Interstellar Exploration

He and his students have participated and achieved great results in a series of MakeX Robotics Competitions held in different cities including Beijing, Wuhan, Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

Speaking of his unforgettable moments, he said that: “My favorite memory is that in the championship match in Beijing, my teams lost the first round of competition. But without feeling discouraged, they made a quick adjustment, drawing 1-1 and won in the final round by scoring at the last 3 seconds, it was a dramatic twist!”

He added with a proud face, “These kids learned how to stand up to challenges under a huge pressure which made this competition a remarkable experience of growing up.”

Winning Smiles in MakeX Robotics Competition in Beijing

When asked about suggestions to contestants in MakeX Robotics Competition 2019 season, Mr. Ke said that:

  • First of all, make sure that you are fully involved in the training process before the competition and never miss a single chance to fix a small problem that may result in direct failure on the field.
  • Secondly, communicate with your allies and opponents. That will broaden your horizons, increase the range of your knowledge and improve your comprehensive ability.
  • Finally, learn to compete, create and collaborate. Enjoy the fun and remember to share.”

January 14, 2019





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