【Announcement】US$75,000 Prize Pool Distribution | 2018 MakeX World Championship

2018 MakeX World Championship is around the corner, winners will be awarded trophy and a great amount of prize money for their excellent performance and exceptional effort. And there will be more than 1 million fans watching the awarding ceremony stream live online celebrating their success.

So far 350 teams have registered to compete for a prize pool of US$75,000 (500,000)

In this post we will introduce that how does the 2018 MakeX World Championship Prize Money distribute:

In 2018 MakeX World Championship, there will be 3 main events: MakeX Starter – Blue Planet. MakeX Challenge – Interstellar Exploration and MakeX Premier – Siege and Guard.

Winners of these 3 programs will split prize money of US$60,000 (¥400,000), 80 percent of the total prize pool.

Details are as follows:

Besides, teams ranking top 3 in annual points of each main event will split prize money of US$15,000 (¥100,000), 20 percent of the total prize pool. (Only for Chinese teams this year)

Details are as shown below:

* If there are multiple teams get the same award for having the same annual points, they can equally split the prize award.

November 15, 2018





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